Projekt Česko 2.4 1.50

Changes 2.4
-I/4 finished
-I/39 Strážný – Černá v Pošumaví
-II/163 Černá v Pošumaví – Dolní Dvořiště
-added Volary, Nová Pec, Lipno nad Vltavou
-improved surroundings of ÚAN Zvonařka in Brno
-texture bugs fixed
-maybe something else idk i don’t remember :3

Features Projekt Cesko:
– Redesigned the western part of the Prague ring road, as well as some sections of national roads 3 and 6 leading from Prague
– Changed old companies to new ones
– Some preparations have been made for the extension of road 27 from the intersection of Plzen-Bory with the D5 motorway to the bridge
– Added vegetation on road 3 from the intersection with the D1 motorway to Benesov
– New towns – Benesov, Vlasim, Holice, Vysoké Mýto, Svitavy, Polička, Moravská Třebová
– Part of the D1 motorway was changed from exit 21 to km 49, where a new intersection was built to enter Vlashim
– New picturesque town – Dolní Dvoříšte with improved border crossing due to the real situation
– Roads B125, B3 and B310 around East Linz from Linz-Steireggerbrücke to Dolní Dvoříšte were changed and the dangerous intersection was rebuilt
– Not compatible with Promods and Mhapro

Required DLC’s: Going East, Scandinavia, France, Italy, Baltic and Black Sea


Download Link: Download mod

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