Projekt Kalisz 1:1 v0.25 – 1.46

Projekt Kalisz is a 1:1 scale map of Poland. So it means that, moving at a speed of 60 km/h, we will cover 1 kilometer in 1 minute.

– Going East!
– Scandinavia
– Vive la France
– Bella Italia
– Beyond the Balic Sea
– Road to the Black Sea
– Iberia

The map contains 13 towns in the Kalisz and Konin counties. There are also 85 kilometers of road available. There are interesting places on the map, for example the lake between Zbiersk and Przyranie, the narrow-gauge railway or the AWW sugar factory in Zbiersk. We can deliver cargo to sawmills, private farms and large industrial plants.

– reconstruction of DK 25 in Zbiersk
– reconstruction of some companies on the map
– refreshment of DK 25 in Biała Maiden and in Stawiszyn
– welcome signs at the entrances to the communes
– FOR OWNERS OF DLC SPECIAL TRANSPORT: 3 new routes for oversized loads: Korzeniew – Przyranie, Dzierzbin – Zbiersk, Mycielin – Biała Panieńska — ALPHA VERSION (!!! for now, these are preliminary works on routes, so there may be problems with blocking AI traffic!!!)
– some bug fixes

– To be able to play on the map you must:
a) create a new game profile
b) activate the Projekt Kalisz v0.25 mod in the task manager
c) select polska.mbd in the “Game module” tab
d) It recommends choosing the truck brand: Renault, Iveco, Volvo or DAF.

Version: 1.46



Download Link: Download mod

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