ProMods 2.50 Addon: Riga Metro Area Rebuild v1.2a

This is a minor map for for ProMods 2.50 which changes/adds roads in and around Riga.

Changelog for release 1.2a:

– Updated for game version 1.38 and ProMods 2.50
– Fixed map sector overlap with Saaremaa

Changelog for official release 1.1:

– Subtle bug fixes
– Small performance improvements for Jūrmala
– Added missing signage

Changelog for version 1.0 beta:

– Added city of Jūrmala and placed some companies into the map
– Added P98 road with new intersections
– Improved signage
– Minor bug fixes

WARNING! This mod requires ProMods 2.50 to work!


Download Link: Download mod


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