ProModz v1.95 + Satellite Maps

20/06/15 22:00 GMT Changelog.
The map has been renamed to satellite instead of colour as it’s more descriptive of what it really is.
Due to the release of the new DLC many of the ports appeared inland or in the sea. Coasts and inlets have been adjusted to suit.
The map in general has been cleaned up to try and get a crisper image.
The file size has increased to roughly 27.5mb as now there is no compression applied to the dds files, although the whole mod has been “compressed” using the ETS Studio mod merge tool.
“Undiscovered cities” in the jobs market now have a pale blue marker instead of being invisible (a side effect being that all the cities when boarding and choosing a ferry have now turned blue, but I can’t help that).

Elmer BeFuddled

Promodz_v1.95__Satellite_Map.rar – 27.5 MB

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