Reworked Companies by ReD v1.4 1.35.x

This mod replaces all original in-game companies (approximately 124,
from Base game to latest Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC) with real companies.
This means new job market logos, companies skins and company trailer skins.
Added new loading screens, new ferry liveries and some other stuff.

Replacing more than 120 skins and logos is not so hard but it takes some time,
so I must admit there are still some trailer skins and other thinks that still need some work.
So be patient!

Depending on the feedbacks, I will decide to keep this mod public and work on fixing some
imperfections and replacing also the Road to Black Sea DLC companies when
released or to continue this work in private.

New Version 1.4:
– Tested with ETS2 1.35 (DX11)
– Compatible with RusMap & Paris rebuild v2.4 (tested)
– Compatible with Promods (users feedback)
– Compatible with SCS Trailer Patch 2.2 (users feedback)

Version 1.3:
– Replaced Osacargo Logistics (rosmark) with Sonora Logistics
– Replaced IKEA building textures
– Fixed some trailer skins, all double & b double trailers should now work properly (report if I missed one)
– Added ACC (Buzzi Unicem) tank trailer.
– Added decals for Heavy/Special Transport Trailer and for some cargos
– Added decals for Schmitz Cargobull trailer and cargo (Gravel, Sand etc.)
– Removed yellow Eni gas station (big) textures, not showing correctly. Signs still there.
Changed logo and some fuel pump textures.
– Partially solved issue with chemical trailer skins, will try to fix it completely in next update.

Please report HERE any possible issue. Thanks!

Version 1.2:
– Reworked AeroBaltica (airBaltic) trailer skin
– New BHV (Bilia) trailer skin
– New Gomme du Monde (Michelin) trailer skin
– Changed PIAC from Fiat to FCA
– New PIAC (FCA) trailer skin and logos
– New Sandbuilders (Max Boegl) trailer skin and company logo
– Fixed some trailer skin and company logos imperfections
– Replaced some loading screens

Version 1.1:
– Fixed some company skins and job market logos.
– Replaced some loading screens
– Removed all jaspers Special/Heavy transport content (Goldhofer etc.).

tamiel18 & satan19990 – creators of some of the best real companies mod the ETS2 community has ever seen,
although it seems they abbandoned their projects long ago.
This mod uses some of their fantastic models & prefabs. So thanks to both for the great work.

All trademarks, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.

ReD Rabbit, satan19990, tamiel18

Download Link: Download mod


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