Roads Of Chunghwa R.O.C 1.49

Changelogs 1.49
The scope of the map update is relatively large, but the time factor is not yet fully embellished, but the part of the three communication channels in the north is considered a distance location, and the left distance should not be too narrow or too far away.
The changes will mainly take place at this location from Taichung to Hsinchu
Finish the changes:
1.Adjust the location of Miaoli, beautify the city by about 60%.
2.Adapt the Nantou location and rebuild National Route 6 3.
3.Adjust Taichung road connection, beautify the city by about 30%.
4.Change the height of part of the communication channel 5.
5.China 3 Hsinchu to Taipei Part has completed part of the route transformation, still under construction
6.China 3 Taichung to Hsinchu Part has completed part of the route conversion, the location of the communication channel determined the distance location, still under construction
7.The simple version of National Highway 4 is completed, the simple version of Taiwan 74 is not yet fully embellished.
8.The Land 3 communication channel will be partially supplemented with some signs.
9.Some pictures and settings have added a house model.
10.New mountain farmland type tried in Miaoli area.

YiKuan Su

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