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Over 150 km in 1:1 realisic scale. On this server we will be creating the Map of Romania in 1:1 scale. Our team is currently working on the map. We came up with 1:1 idea as it is a very unique thing that is rarely seen in map modding. Especially with Romania which is an unique country with beautiful landscapes and we will give a new perspective over playing Euro Truck simulator 2. Our map contains every village name as a town on the map, a lot of companies, realism. People that went there will for sure recognize the place. This is it: a new way of playing Euro Truck Simulator 2.

On point:

This map contains 6 main cities: Galați, Brăila, Slobozia, Măcin, Insurăței, Țăndărei.

And other villages like: Vărsătura, Lacu Sărat, Chiscani, Unirea, Tichilești, Albina, Valea Cânepii, Lanurile, Viziru, Bărăganul, Iazu, Scânteia.

Detailed description

Entrance Galati plus some companies
DN22B road
An entrance through Brăila that will follow the truck route through Vidin, then an entrance on the Brăila belt.
The whole belt of Brăila
In some places we will also enter the city, there will be companies. (Lidl, Kaufland)
From there we will want to make the way to Slobozia (DN21)
It will include all the villages/municipalities/towns on it: Vărsătura, Albina, Valea Cânepii, Lanurile, Viziru, the Dropia + Insurăței neighborhood, Bărăganul, Iazu, Slobozia Nouă and finally Slobozia.
+ Road to Tândărei
+++ DN2B that will pass through Lacul Sarat
+ Road to Chiscani
+ Road to Tichilești
+ Road to Unirea
+ Road to Scânteia

bogdan, Flavx._.3, mihaitza, Ionut, Todor Alin, Laurentiu, MariusTLC.

Download Link: Download mod

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