Romania Map By Ionix 1.8.1 1.26

Changelog 1.8.1
2 New Roads And Cites


Now This Is Final Version And Oficial Roads Cites When Be Added
After 1 Month I Decided To Finish Details In Roads And Cites For Adding New In Roads And Cites
And This Is Full Version In Changelog For Version But in 1.8 Was Beta Version For Unfinishing Details In Roads And Cites And Was In Work In Progess So Now That Project Is Now Abadoning For Many Reasons So Yeah This Final And Full Version In 1.8.1 For Finising In Roads And Cites
So Yeah That Is Unfortunately News So Im Sorry Guys I Dont Contiuned This Project Because I Work For Many Hours To Finishing To Create Details And Roads
I Wish To Contiune With To Project TO Revive This Abadoning Project Old From Andu Now Abadoned And Was Final Version 1.3.1 But Reality Exist
Thats A Saddest News Is Now Not Longer To Contiune This Project
So Guys Enjoy This Final Version So Guys i appreciated To Like My Revied Project
So Yeah Stay Safe And Enjoy This Final Version
So Guys Goodbye Guys


Download Link: Download mod


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