Version 1.0 contains:
– improved A3 motorway;
– rebuild of A3 interchange near Cluj-Napoca;
– fully rebuilt A3 Turda (southern) Interchange;
– partly-improved border area at Oradea.

On the Promods map, Romania did not see any new update for a long time. So, since nobody seems to want to rebuild it, I started to do this myself. I am not planning to make major changes, like rebuilding the cities and things like these, because I don’t have neither the required experience, nor the required time. I want just to change the roads, the signage and probably a little bit the environment, into a more realistic way. I will try to make the roads as close as possible to the reality. But the signs will be in a way they are supposed to be, not the way they are at the moment in Romania, because the Romanian signage is basically one of the most stupid possible. So the map will not be 100% realistic, but only at the signage, since the roads and the vegetation will be as close as possible to the reality (of course, to the extent I can do it, since my experience is not a proffesional one). So, let’s say it will be a semi-real map of Romania.

Important note: This is a modification to the Promods map, so it will not work without Promods.

Works with ETS2 1.35 and Promods 2.40

– Extract the downloaded archive and you will get 2 files (RomaniaReworked-def_v1.0.scs and RomaniaReworked-map_v1.0.scs)
– Move these 2 files to your mod folder
– Activate them in mod manager above Promods

Load order:
Romania Reworked Definition Package
Romania Reworked Map Package
Promods files…

– As this is a modification for Promods, it requires all the current map DLCs to work;
– I did not test other map combinations, but Romania Reworked should work with the map mods compatible with Promods (Rusmap, Southern Region, Project Balkans etc.).


Download Link: Download mod


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