Route to Winterland Map v1.1 1.49

Changelog 1.1
-Recover resource files deleted by SCS.

Requires base mod:
Winterland _base (ETS2).scs
Winterland _map (ETS2).scs

-All the content on the map is still the same as before, and I packaged the map resources separately for the convenience of map creators who need it.
-I disabled the ability for the vortex icon to be “Teleport” to the mainland because it crashed the game. I don’t have much time to find the cause and fix if you can solve this problem. Everyone will thank you.
-The company on the map still exists, but no cargo is available because the previous cargo was loaded by “World of Trucks”. But you can add cargo files to the map yourself.
-What I did was just back up a piece of SCS, you can use the content I uploaded as you like. Because the ownership should belong to SCS.
-I added a file that fixes the map scaling, if you don’t need it you can delete the ” Winterland _map (ETS2).scs /def/map_data.sii ” file.

BASE Files

Ferry Connection

two_aunt, SCS

Download Link: Download mod

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