RPM – Rheinland & Pfalz 1:1 Map v1.1 [1.50] – REUPLOAD

# This map is not made by me i am uploading the map to here

RPM – Rheinland & Pfalz 1:1 Map v1.0
The region itself is located in southwest of Germany. The scale of the map is 1:1 so 1km reallife is 1km to drive in the map. It contains full new created features like a unique Police Control, pedestrians crossings, real traffic lights and many more!

In SCS-Scale the size of the map is around 2.000km

And plenty of new features to discover.

Before starting the installation:
1)Buffer page size
STEP 1: Go to Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 and open the config.cfg file
STEP 2: Find the line where “uset r_buffer_page_size” is located.
STEP 3: Change the value of “uset r_buffer_page_size” from “10” to “50”.
STEP 4: Save and close the file.

The whole map is packed into 2 .rar files. To play the map, you need to download both files!
After downloading, unzip both files into your ets2 mod folder.

The map needs a new profile !

How to create a new RPM game profile

STEP 1: Start a new profile
STEP 2: Select all 6 mods in the correct order (as shown in the following section)
STEP 3: Select rpm.mbd as the map module
STEP 4: Start the game

Loading order:
RPM – Special Transport DLC
RPM – Definitions
RPM – Map
RPM – Prefabs
RPM – Assets
RPM – Models 1
RPM – Models 2

Enjoy Playing!

RPM – Modding





RPM – Modding

Download Link: Download mod

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