Swedish Islands Map v1.12 – 1.44

This map addon called Swedish Islands is covering the two biggest islands in
Sweden, Gotland and Öland, located in the Baltic Sea. You can reach the island
Gotland by ferries from Karlskrona and Nynäshamn in Sweden and Ventspils in Latvia.
The other island Öland, you can get to via a bridge from the city Kalmar on the
east coast of Sweden.

Wombat, bnj

Wombat, bnj

Download Link: Download mod

3 Responses

  1. rob says:

    hi, their iv downloaded this map it’s great. but unfortunately, it keeps crashing when I want to go to the island it crashes and shuts down. I have tried 2 different ports but it still keeps doing it iv got the DLC for beyond the baltic thinking that was the problem but no still does not works any advise would be great

  2. _sitrus says:

    Map is great, but everytime i go to Gotland by ferries, the game crash. But Öland works.

  3. _sitrus says:

    * EDIT * you can go to the island if you if you buy a garage in one of the cities there, and fast travel to thaT garage.

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