TR Extended Map v1.2.2 [1.40.x]

v1.2.2 Hotfix (ALL RC INCLUDED)

[Fixed] Adapted for map zoom compatibility


Please try again download the Connection files for other maps.


Adapted for map zoom compatibility

[Fixed]Various textures

v1.2 Changelog

Compatibility with 1.40 update

New light system implemented.

Compatibility with 1:3 Guney Marmara Map v1.1

Compatibility with ProMods 2.52

v1.1.2 Changelog

LED sign updated.

Invisible walls have been removed.

The problem of al vehicles disappearing at Çorlu intersection and the Çatalca mine road entrance has been fixed.

Places with gaps in the landscapes were closed.

Weeds that appeared on the roads in various places have been removed.

Kurnaköy 1, 2 and İstanbulPark toll booth signs were placed.

The road not visible on navigation in Ambarlı Port has been fixed.

Tekirdağ marina company didn’t work problem fixed.

Objects such as sidewalks, lane lines, tire tracks and signs that were above ground were placed to ground.

Rainfall problem in underpass in the airport cargo section has been fixed.

A bend at the Kınalı junction has gained a more aesthetic appearance.

Speed ​​limit regulations were made in Ömerli and Reşadiye recreational facilities.

Al trucks were prevented from entering Istanbul Airport.

In front of Tuyap TV Tower and the Marport facility in Ambarlı Port were opened to the entrance.

In Ambarlı Port, the problem of falling vehicles has been fixed.

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Bona,Selim Çetin,Emre Aydın,Hetrix,Barbaros Yanık

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