Truck Map for Brazil (South America) v5.3 by EAA Team 1.36.x

Changes 5.3
Upated to newest version v1.36.2.11
Fixed bugs

Changelog v5.2
New Roads + 10,000 Km

Route 30 Peru Interoceanic Highway – From Assis Brasil (AC) to Nazca (Peru)
Ruta 3 Peru – From Juliaca to Cusco
Ruta 11 Argetina – From Assumption to Santa Fe
Ruta 12/14 Argentina – From Zarate to Gualeguaychu
Ruta 2 Argentina – From Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata
Ruta 228/3 Argentina – From Mar del Plata to Bahia Blanca
Ruta 22/237/40 Argentina – From Bahia Blanca to Bariloche
Ruta 5 Argentina – From Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa – 615 Km
Ruta 35/154 Argentina – From Santa Rosa to Ruta 22 (La Adela)
Ruta 40/231/215 Argentina / Chile – From Bariloche to Osorno
Route 5 – Panamericana Sur Chile – From Santiago to Quelon
Route 68 Chile – From Santiago to Valparaiso
Ruta 152 Chile – From Chillan to Concepcion

45 New Cities
– San Bernardo (Chile) – Figurative
– Rancagua (Chile)
– Curicó (Chile)
– Talca (Chile)
– Linares (Chile)
– Chillan (Chile)
– Concepcion (Chile)
– Los Angeles (Chile)
– Temuco (Chile)
– Osorno (Chile)
– Puerto Montt (Chile)
– Pargua (Chile)
– Chacao (Chile) – Figurative
– Ancud (Chile)
– Castro (Chile)
– Quellon (Chile)
– Chivilcoy (Argentina)
– Nueve de Julio (Argentina)
– Trenque Lauquen (Argentina) – Figurative
– Catriló (Argentina)
– Santa Rosa (Argentina)
– Ataliva Roca (Argentina)
– Peru (Argentina) – Figurative
– Colorado River (Argentina) – Figurative
– Choele Choel (Argentina)
– General Roca (Argentina)
– Neuquen (Argentina)
– San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina)
– Chascomus (Argentina)
– Dolores (Argentina)
– Las Armas (Argentina)
– Colonel Vidal (Argentina)
– Mar del Plata (Argentina)
– Necochea (Argentina)
– Tres Arroyos (Argentina)
– Bahia Blanca (Argentina)
– Gualeguaychu (Argentina)
– Reconquista (Argentina)
– Resistencia (Argentina)
– Formosa (Argentina)
– Clorinda (Argentina) – Figurative
– Puerto Maldonado (Peru)
– Marcapata (Peru) – Figurative
– Cusco (Peru)
– Puquio (Peru)

– Revised and improved the entire stretch of Rio Branco to Assis Brasil (taken from Alpha)
– Revised and improved the entire stretch of Santa Fe to Buenos Aires (taken from Alfa)
– Revised and improved the entire stretch from Buenos Aires to Mendoza (taken from Alfa)
– Redo the whole stretch from Mendoza to Los Andes (Nova Cuesta Caracoles)
– Added scale in Via Dutra near Resende (not yet functional)
– Bus traffic inside the Rio de Janeiro Bus Station
– Redone the city of Buenos Aires
– Ferry connecting Buenos Aires to Montevideo (optional use, since in real life there is no ferry for trucks)
– Hundreds of miscellaneous fixes

New version of EAA Normal update is released, working with v1.36 of the game.

EAA Team

Download Link: Download mod


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