TruckSim Map 1.34

TSM Map changes the territory of default Europe from SCS, adding new countries and cities.
Added territories of other countries and continents.
In Europe: Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Cyprus. Fully expanded and modified Italy, France.

The card requires the presence of the DLC: Going East, Scandinavia, DLC France and DLC Italy
The cargoes, bases, the traffic are built in the card.
It is possible to combine with other cards: RusMap, Russian Open spaces, Great Steppe, EAA and some others ..
Absolutely incompatible: with ProMods and MHAPro map.

Various innovations
Error correction

Update 02/08:
– compatible with 1.34
– error correction
– new city in France: Orléans
– New cities in Germany: Hoppegarten, Vogelsdorf

Author’s update

TSM Team

Download Link: Download mod


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