Ukeire Map Mod ETS2 1.41

Standalone 1.7 Scale Map of the Uk and Ireland

Released But Further Versions Under Development

Release Date 12/09/2021

ETS2 Version 1.41

You MUST have these DLCs to play on the map:
– DLC Going East
– DLC Scandinavia
– DLC France
– DLC Italia
– DLC Baltics
– DLC Black Sea
– DLC Iberia

Here is a list of compatible mods, with the map:
-Naturalux (graphic mod) Or Any Graphic, Weather Mod’s
-Sound fix pack (sound pack)
-All traffic packs (Jazzycat..)
-Mods that increase traffic density.
Most mods work, these are the main ones. { Not Other Map Mods }

Here is a video tutorial about how to install the map for a first time use :


Download Link: Download mod

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