3D Signs Scandinavia Companies

This is a small work I took on to supplement the great Reale Company mods put out by Donbro. This mod adds new physicl 3D building signs for:

Norrfood = ICA Maxi Supermarket
Oil (gas stations) = Statoil
NS Oil = Statoil
Polaris Lines = Stena Line
Vitas Power = Vestas

On the gas stations – my current software and modeling abilities prevent me from texturing the physical gas stations themselves. I also wanted to edit the flags, but Blender2SCS apparently does not support the animation export for this, because whenever I edit the UV map and export the flag, it causes the game to crash, so I decided to just edit the texture of the flag to orange solid.

If any talented individuals out there want to mess with the gas station flags (the red one is vertex painted) and the station colors, please check my SCS Software forum thread in the included readme and see the links I put there for the gas station color scheme. I would be VERY happy and eager to work with you to bring a completed Statoil fuel station to ETS2.

This is my first public mod ever. I do a lot of work for myself, but I want to test the waters and see if this mod can survive without being abused. It’s not locked. Edit it – have fun with it – but PLEASE if you make changes or re-upload, give me credit. If you upload this mod to any other mod sites, PLEASE use the original file download link. THANK you in advance for respecting that.

Faelandaea, SCS Software, Donbro

ETS2_SC_Signs.rar – 44.5 MB

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