This mod is intended for use with a two-monitor (multimon) display (uset r_multimon_mode “4”) in which truck mirrors are used (not HUD mirrors).
This mod relocates and regroups a bunch of things, enlarges the Advisor map, and hides a couple things.
The map, icons, and most time-related info is grouped together on the upper left of the screen.

In the relocated group are . . .
– Icons: damage, fatigue, mail, low-fuel warning, and gear.
– Current day & time, ETA, time remaining to complete delivery, and time until next rest stop (toggle between “Navigation” & “Current Job” to see them all). (Note the map updates only when Navigation is active.)
– Speed-Limit sign.
– Speed-Warning indicator.
– Hidden are the current speed and the fuel-quantity icon (look at the dashboard).

Also – The running-text line is much longer; now it’s long enough to read before it disappears.
A few other, minor Advisor tweaks exist, too.

Eddie Yantz – 30 KB


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