AI Taxi v1.0



Hi Hat,
I have created an AI Taxi Mod.
The mod works with every imaginable Trafficmods.
There are all standard countries and the TSM registered card,
In the country.sii the taxis are equipped with frequency: set 1.0.
In later versions, I will add more taxes from other countries added,
currently contained are also gradually replaced the “abroad” only German taxes.

Changelog: v1.0:

1. Mercedes Benz CE and Audi A6 created in the typical German taxi color.
Created 2 MB template and provided with advertising.
3. Audi created template, advertising free.
Created, lit and unlit 4. Taxischild.
5. Manufacturer emblems, passengers and radio antenna added together

Henki73, SCS

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  1. Ralph says:

    Bitte aktualisieren Sie für ETS2 v1.23. Vielen Dank.

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