Alternative screen for SiSL’s custom tablet 1.32

Just a little something I did for myself but thought I’d share it in case somebody else finds it “useful.”
Basically a tablet sceen looking like it was an actual dispatch/freight managment software the drivers use.
It replaces the Windows screen on the Custom Tablet. It’s loosely based on XPO Connect and some others I found on Google.
Other than that, it’s just a figment of my imagination. Only thing real is the Ikea’s address.

Install Help:
Download the zip.
Grab the .dds file inside, drop it into\sisl_custom\tablet and let it overwrite the original .dds file.
Launch the game, go to Mod Manager, take out SiSL’s Megapack and put it right back in so
the changes are detected. Now when you go to Truck Configuration and place the ‘custom tablet’ on
your dash you should see this screen. Or if you already have it in your truck it should’ve changed as well.


Download Link: Download mod


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