ETS2 – 125 People Server 1.44

Hi guys.. This is not new but this should give you guys the best experience convoy with mod more than 8 players. This features will unlock up to 125 player convoy. (you & your convoy member must install this too to make it work)

Please consider when you play with many people with mod + traffic its may drop game performance.. so make sure your pc can handle it..

ETS2 is a patch for the game that increases the number of 8 players to 125 players. It’s not a mod.

It is absolutely necessary for those who want to open a server for more than 8 people and those who want to enter the room.
(you & your convoy member must install this too)

Located in the zip file you downloaded into “\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2” where the game is installed;

1. Backup this file and folder:

2. Copy and paste folders and files. In the incoming question, say “Change all” and press yes.


When opening the server, try to open it without traffic.
Because after 8 people, traffic goes astray.

Yasin Demir

Download Link: Download mod

3 Responses

  1. daziran says:

    Hello, windows 11 doesn’t seem to work

  2. Furby says:

    rly awesome modification of the gamefiles 🙂 any change to be able to know how this work or get updated files for this?

  3. dragoon says:

    u can open servers more than 8 players already also u can have half of that number using mods and driving around with vanilla players too all in the same server

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