EUROPE MEGA PACK V1.51 [1.30.x]

– Card substrate
– Animated passengers for trucks and buses from SCS
– Arrival of buses from traffic to stops
– Arrival of parking traffic
– Pointer to the volcano Etna
– Improved filling stations
– Tractors in traffic
– Garbage truck in traffic
– The first help from GTAIV in traffic
– 2 fire trucks in traffic
– Police cars in traffic in all countries
– Improved traffic
– Improvements for DLC Special Transport
– Added load for DLC Heavy Cargo

In the versions 1.4 – 1.5.1:
– lighting is added at many intersections
– added parking
– traffic in the urban area has been changed
– removed police on motorcycles, added patrols from the addon Cipinho
– all functions of the mod are well displayed when working with Jazzycat packs
– the traffic flow is corrected
– freight traffic increased at night and, as a rule, on the right extreme lane (as far as possible)

Todor Alin

Download Link: Download mod


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