FIX V1.0 FOR TSM V6.6.2

Playing TSM 6.6.2 I have seen in the gamelog that the map had a fault in the file 2_t_small_5a_oneway_mirr.ppd since the version of this file is old in relation to the version that uses the original map of ETS2.

For this reason here I bring you the updated version of the file 2_t_small_5a_oneway_mirr.ppd

This file must be placed above the file TSM 6.6.2_prefab & more.scs

I have noticed that the previous version of the mod had a bug so I have uploaded this new version immediately in which the bug is corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience


Fix_for_TSM_6.6.2.scs – 32 KB


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