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This is a “Do-It-Yourself” mod by creating her your own “license plate approval” mod for ETS2 (German cities). These files and 2 other software that you will need:

Notepad ++

Extracts my files in any folder. The folder “Zulassungsmod” should now be visible.
This you open, and is now in: Def / city.
So you see a lot of sii files to be opened with Notepad ++ best ALL (simultaneously).
Now you have all the cities opened in Notepad (individually with riders separated) before you.

The task now is to set the mark after your Gusto:
You can now press CTRL + H to the “Replace” (replace) to open tab. The you will also find above under “Search” (Search).
You must now determine what license plate letters you want to have.
In my case (and it is stored in the file), it is KE. Thus: Q: KE xxx or M: KE xxx.
To change this “KE” in your 2 or 1 request letter / n, you have to enter the top “Ersetzfeld” 0KE; 0 is a zero in this case.
Below you shall your letter / s type, according to a 0. Eg 0AE or 0C or 0HG.
Now you push on the left side: “All in all open files Replace” (Replace all in all opened document). This is the button above “Close” (close).
It should now appear all diskettes before the file name in red above. And a certain number of values ??have been replaced. Now click above on “File” (File) and “Save All” (Save all). Or Ctrl + Shift + S.

Almost there. Now you can close your Notepad ++.
When you go as far back in the Ordnerstrucktur until you def folder, a Manifest.sii, an image and a Mod.txt (which also includes this tutorial) see.


Zulassungsmod.7z – 20 KB

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