Mod Maker 0.9.4 Java version

Release Java Version – 4/28/2015
Bug Fix and Enhancements for this Release. I fixed the archive bug and tried to get the password feature working but I haven’t found a working solution yet, so no password feature as of now. Automated some functions to have the user do less button pushing on creation of SCS Archives, Activating a Mod and a few more. Added right click rename a file / folder, SCS archive extraction all are activated by the file that you select.
Still have a sort of long loading time for big Mods, seems to be when the lister finds image files, still working on that. Have had to test myself as my testers are unavailable for a month so if anyone wants to test and send me issue reports I would be very happy!
Latest News and Updates will be found on the Mod Maker website as usual, I do not read the site comments from the sites that I offer the Mod Maker, pages get lost too fast, so please post problems on site in appropriate category.

DieHard – 24.2 MB

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