– Video recorded at night to show you traffic density even by night.( sorry for the video quality mates )
– AI speed edited and increased ( cars and trucks ).
– Mod compatible with 1.18x game version.
– Mod compatible with all maps.
– Mod compatible with low-end Pcs.
– Tested with game version and Promods 1.95 on a mid-range pc without problem.
– Mod add too much traffic on all roads and cities and make game more realistic.
– Traffic jam even by night.
– Too many trucks now in traffic.
– Trucks can over-take cars and other trucks now.
– Traffic lights edited to be more realistic.
– Traffic rules edited to be more realistic.
– Now you have to wait on cross-roads and traffic lights so no more empty roads.
– License plate slots were depleted *_If you want more traffic jam ignore this,i did tested it for 3 hours in different places with Promods 1.95 and Jazzycat trailers and cargo pack 3.4 without crash.
– Some crash are caused by the map,there is a bug on Promods with toll-gates they will fix it so game crash in some area even with just Promods activated.
– If your game have lag issues with this mod,you can reduce the number of AI Vehicles on the Traffic_data.sii to 500.


zMore_Traffic_More_Trucks_V1.2_By_TruckZone.scs – 52 KB

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