Nice Winter Addon for Frosty 9.7 ETS2 – 1.49.2

Hello Guys,

i would like to introduce my Nice Winter Addon Version 2 for Frosty Version 9.7 It is compatible with ETS2 Version 1.49x.

Changes in Version 2:

– decoupled snowflakes from appearing as pairs
– fixed snow flakes look (made them smaller)
– Increased snow flakes count to 8000

The features and changes are:

– Trucks now driving winter speed maximum 75kmh
– Busses now driving at 80kmh max
– Cars don’t drive faster than 90kmh
– New snowflakes on the windshield
– Removed rainfall animation because they fall too fast so it’s now transparent until i figured out how to slow down the falling speed.
– Fine tuned Eye Adaption when in changing light conditions
– Changes in overall Brightness of the game by modified climate files from Grimes Frosty Mod
– It’s basically also optimized for Virtual Reality in terms of brightness at night, day, fog appearance
– Fog only appears when it’s snowing, on good weather conditions there is no fog free clear visibility


– Copy the file in your Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod folder
– Put it in Higher Priority than Frostys Mod and Addons

You can look at the Youtube link below to see how this Mod looks

Have fun!


OptionalJoystick, Grimes

OptionalJoystick, Grimes

Download Link: Download mod

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