About passenger traffic!

These passenger transportation activate stops and bus stations in cities. One station to the city. Now you can completely plunge into the atmosphere of passenger traffic in ETS. In order for transportation to become available, you need to purchase a special so-called “invisible trailer” available at the dealer. The role of cargo is passengers, in the role of companies – a network of stops and bus stations. Selecting the appropriate trailer, go to the station to receive the first flight.


1) Intercity. This trailer (mode) gives us the opportunity to transport passengers for small distances. All distances are cut off here. Orders will be generated to 350km. Thus, orders are formed from the city of the departure, the city nearest from it. The number of outgoing orders is formed from 8 to 10 options.

It remains only to make a flight – the beginning and end of the route, and follow to the final point, through the passing cities, transporting passengers from the city to the city. Everything is like in life. Typical intercity route.

2) Tourist. With this mode – on the contrary. It cuts off the near distances. This is a direct route from the point A to the point B with a large distance. (From 500 km and above without limitation). All by classic.

The mod was tested on an ETS 2 default map.

The work with Rusmap, The Great Steppe, Volgomap, Sibirmap 2.0, South region was also checked.

Fashion cards, such as Promods and other which change the default card, strong conflicts are possible.


1) Passenger_Transportation_base.

2) Passengers_Europe_1.41 – a module of the default map + DLC.

With the participation of other cards – priority to put below the cards.

It is necessary for all DLC card parts.

So far, only Europe is activated!

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SovTransBus (115.5 MB)


7 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    The buses in your list do not load the passengers even if it is close enough! please help

  2. Eric says:

    I finally get the problem fixed. This is a very good mod. Thanks!

  3. carl uru says:

    dos días probando lo y va muy bien de momento ., me mola .. Por cierto no me deja donar la pagina ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  4. PABLO says:


  5. Rober62 says:

    como lo solucionaste

  6. Altan says:

    There is an issues I think should be solved.

    The weight of buses are generally over than 20 tons. When the passenger truck bed added this weight, the weight of the bus become really heavy. So the bus can not hold it’s butt in any way. Acceleration takes loooong time. Decrease truck beds’ weights. Please.

  7. eryxias says:

    bus station for version 1.44 exists

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