Good news, here the v1.6
I have of Faelandaea approving get his mod in my
so I can take here for all the difficulties with the
have together upload the complete Mod.
From IKEA modders I unfortunately got no response, so mention
I link at this point no longer, you have to yourselves
take care of it.
As you can see in the pictures I managed the flags of
To let blow Statoil right (heavy bread).
The neon sign of IKEA is not true if you mod by
Ikea not specifically invite.
The lettering from the Danish Crown Trailer I have somewhat increased
so that it is easier to see in the freight.
The neon signs of Faelandaea are now included here.
At this point again a big thank to Faelandaea for its
super work from me 5 stars and more.
How to add the mods together (if still necessary) is in the zip file
Tested with DLC Scandinavia 1.17,1.18 and TSM 6.0 is according to statement
He also run in Promod.
Now a lot of fun, even with the new neon signs and flags.
lg Dombro

Dombro and Faelandaea – 43.3 MB

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