Realistic traffic 4.1 by Rockeropasiempre for 1.28.x
Changes in version 4.1.
– Significantly increased levels of daytime road traffic for cars, trucks, and buses.
– Increased levels of night traffic on the road, for cars, trucks, and buses.
– New rules of regeneration of loads for heavy traffic. This way there will be many more trucks working with
their charges during daylight hours.
– This also affects the night loads, where you will also see trucks loaded, but at a lower level.
– Higher traffic density in cities. You will find traffic in a city higher than before, but moderate in daylight hours.
– During night hours, city traffic is slightly decreased, but you will see trucks working. You will not travel alone at night anymore !!!
– Slightly decreased the number of police cars in traffic.
– All levels have been readjusted in such a way, that there is a greater traffic, but not so high as to produce lag in equipment with few resources.
– The mod is fully independent and compatible with any mod-pack AI traffic.
– In the case of using an AI traffic pack, place these packs always under AI_Trafico_Realista_4.1,
in this way, the behavior of the packs will be managed by the mod.
General Specifications of the mod:
– Compatible with all AI traffic mods-packs.
– Behavior of AI traffic totally different.
– Complete information inside the downloaded rar. File INFO.txt and README.txt
– 2 Versions inside the rar file. A normal one, and one that does not include sounds (NOT EXTRAS). Choose one of the 2.
– Mod Manager: Always place on top of any AI traffic mod that you have.


AI_Trafico_Realista_4.1.rar – 129.4 MB


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