Saints Row 3 traffic pack

Add cars and motorcycles in traffic.
List: Alaskan, Ambulance, Atlantica, Attrazione, Anchor, Blade, Blaze, Bootlegger, Bulldog, Churchill, Compensator, Cosmos, Criminal, Donovan, Emu, Estrada, Flatbed, Halberd, Hammer, HammerHead, Infuego, Justice. Kaneda, Kayak, Kenshin, Keystone, Lockdown, Mule, Nelson, Neuron, Nordberg, Peacemaker, Peterliner, Phantom, Phoenix, Quasar, Reaper, Scrubber, Wraith, Widowmaker.

All standalone, works on any maps.
Tested on 1.18.x version.


SRTT_traffic_pack.scs – 583.4 MB

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