First small step to drive by AETR regulations in game.
The only way to get feedback from plugins to player is game.log.txt messages.
This plugin puts there a messages every game minute:
00:58:01.403 : TACHOGRAPH INFO: short rest stop in 00:19 / daily rest stop in 01:50 / weekly rest stop in 00:00
For getting theese messages right in the game, you must start the game with a consoles enabled. Edit in tthe main game’s config.cfg values:
uset g_developer “1”
uset g_minicon “1”
uset g_console “1”
Miniconsole will show tacho messages, main console will give you ability to rest by
Turn off fatigue simulation in game.
“Driving time” is time when truck
– moves forward/backward faster than 1 m/s or
– engine is on and parking brake is off (for rest with working engine, but i don’t sure it’s correct).
This base v0.1a controls only short rest stops (45 or 15+30 minutes in 4.5 yrs of driving) and daily rest stops (11 or 3+9 hrs of rest after 9 hrs of daily driving).
Other rules will be added later. Weekly rest stop is always 0:00 in 0.1a, just ignore it.
Plugin doesn’t shows how many time you have to rest, it shows how many time you can drive. If you don’t sure about how you have to rest, move time forward step-by-step (1 hr, for example) and soon you’ll see increased values of allowed driving hours.
Be careful with stored info. Plugin doesn’t work with different profiles (there is no values in telemetry library for getting current profile name). Thus if you want drive on another profile, you have to save somewhere telemetry_tac.ini for old profile. New profiles can delete info from old profile’s telemetry_tac.ini because of lower absolute current game time.
Plugin works stable if you will load save made a not long ago from current moment. Older saves will delete stored tachograph info.
Links. Put DLL’s into “plugins” folder.
DL links is for x86 & x64 plugin versions.


telemetry_tac_x86.zip – 5 KB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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