Temporal Anti Aliasing/DLSS/DLAA – No More Aliasing, Flickering v9.3.0

A high-quality and high-performance time antialiasing (TAA) solution has been implemented, as well as DLSS/DLAA support for NVIDIA GPUs.
Shadow and SSAO improvements. Now you don’t have to worry about flickering shadows and SSAO anymore.

Windows 10 x64 or Windows 11 x64, DirectX 11, constant Internet connection

For license: place files dxgi.dll and dinput8.dll Along the way X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x64
For the DLSS version, put the files dxgi.dll and nvngx_dlss.dll to the bin\win_x64 folder
Launch the game with DirectX 11
Disable any other anti-aliasing (SMAA, MSAA, Nvidia Profile Inspector (NPI)), increase the sharpness. filter and resolution scaling (use only resolution scaling in the game)
** If you have a problem with a black screen, disable HDR, reset the game’s config.cfg and settings from the NVIDIA/AMD control panel. Also close the TAA menu after starting the game.

Press the “END” or “CTRL+P” key to open the game menu.
TAA Clarity – reduce the blur of TAA
* TAA Clarity is designed for people who want to get less blurry and clearer results, close to the result without smoothing, for example, for VR users.
Sharpen Edges – adjust the sharpness for aligned edges when using TAA Clarity/+.
TAA level – The higher, the smoother
FXAA is the 2nd smoothing method to improve edges
T.Shadow – Prevents shadows from flickering

Use with ReShade
You can also use this method with any other mod/plugin using dxgi.dll .

Create a folder named “reshade” in the “bin\win_x64” folder.
Place all the files of ReShade (or any other mod/plugin) in the folder “bin\win_x64\reshade” or select the folder “bin\win_x64\reshade” in the ReShade installer.

Snowy Moon

Snowy Moon

Download Link: Download mod

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