Abasstreppas wheelpack


What is in this pack then?
9.0 and 11.25 inch front steel wheels with and without hubcaps. 9.0 inch rear steel wheels with drive- and tag axle hubs. There’s also an additional mod with a “paint kit” for those of you that prefer painted wheels (you have to paint them yourself though)
This version 1.0 includes rims for Scania and Daf and the next one that’s comming up is Volvo/Renault
Only use the additional “abasstreppas_wheelpack_color_texture.scs” if you want to have colored rims (you have to paint them yourself though)
This mod will be updated continiously with new rims so always check the SCS forum for latest update


abasstreppas_wheelpack_1_0.rar – 11.7 MB


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