Exhausts & Accessories for Trucks v2.0 by Nico2k4 1.35.x

Mod adds exhaust pipes and various accessories for trucks:
– 198 badges and emblems;
– 3 blank black panels (small, medium and large);
– 99 international oval signs with flags and country codes;
– 8 other oval marks;
– 6 standard small lights;
– 2 standard panels (driver and Navigator);

Tuning parts for inner rear panel:
– 5 stereo speakers;
– 42 flags of the country (they are illuminated with the light of the truck);
– 170 posters, etc. (they light up when the lights are on).

Supported trucks:
– BDF Tandem Truck Pack by Capital
– BDF Tandem Truck Pack by Flemming V
– DAF XF by SCS & ohaha
– DAF XF 105 by 50k
– DAF XF 105 Improved by AlexeyP
– DAF XF Euro 6 by SCS & ohaha
– DAF XF Euro 6 Heavy Haulage Chassis Addon by Pendragon
– Iveco Hi-Way by Rebel8520
– Iveco Hi-Way by SCS
– Iveco Stralis by SCS
– MAN TGA by MADster
– MAN TGX Reworked by MADster
– MAN TGX Euro 6 by MADster
– Mega Store Reworked by Afrosmiu
– Mercedes Benz Actros by SCS
– Mercedes Benz Actros 2014 by SCS (+ New Actros Plastic Parts and more by davidzoli)
– Mercedes Benz Actros 4160 SLT 8Ч4 Titan by Moders Team Poland, Tornado
– Mercedes Benz Antos 2012 by Danz [D3S DESIGN]
– Renault Premium by SCS
– Renault Magnum AE 1990 by CyrusTheVirus
– Renault Magnum by SCS
– Renault Magnum Edit by Ricardo Neisse
– Renault Magnum Edit by knox_xss
– Scania 143m by Ekualizer
– Scania 4 by satan19990
– Scania Illegal Fat V8 by John Lee
– Scania R by SCS
– Scania R by RJL (+ 4-series)
– Scania R2008 50k by Matdom1988
– Scania R700 by AU44…
– Scania Streamline by SCS
– Scania T by RJL (+ 4-series)
– SISU R500 & C500 & C600 by RJL
– Volvo FH13 Classic by Maniek4800
– Volvo FH13 Classic by Peerke145
– Volvo FH16 2009 by SCS
– Volvo FH16 2012 by SCS
– Volvo FH16 2013 by ohaha

– Updated for 1.35.

SCS, Drivter, Nico2k4

Drivter, Nico2k4

Download Link: Download mod


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