Headlight Options v1.49

This mod includes Halogen, LED, & Xenon headlight options for all SCS trucks that have headlight options(*) in the store {this mod does not include SCS trucks that don’t have headlight options}.

– Some trucks don’t have a Halogen options because Europe is banning halogen bulbs.
– 1.49 release removed some trucks from their dealers. Headlight options are available for those trucks when you buy them used.

The following codes define the various headlight options compared to SCS defaults:
[L;H] = Low beams shine wider and longer; High beams shine longer (‘HiLo’),
[L>H] = Low and High beams both shine wider and longer (‘Combd’),
[H] = Low beams shine the same ; High beams shine longer (‘Hi only’).
New: coordinated beam_color

Eddie Yantz

Eddie Yantz

Download Link: Download mod

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