Changed colors, foci, and ranges for stock trucks’ headlights.
These headlights (low & high beams) are game friendly, but not realistic because they illuminate more of the road ahead than real-life headlights: they do make in-game night driving easier).
Compared to stock headlights . . .
– Low beams are wider close to the front of the truck so turning at intersections at night on country roads is easier (this feature IS like real life).
– Both low and high beams have higher color temperatures (less yellow, more white, but not blue).
– Low beams virtually eliminate bloom (making speed-limit signs readable) even when HDR is enabled; high beams still wash out signs as they approach.
This mod does not affect accessory lights.
Tested in ETS2 v1.28.1.3s 64bit

Eddie Yantz

Download Link: Download mod


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