– The “air blowout” while shifting isn’t even half as loud in the new Actros as in the game. The new PowerShift3 gearbox is much more quiet and almost produces no sound.
– Even the “basic” gearbox in the New Actros has a 3 step retarder. Before, the normal gearbox had no and the “R” gearbox had a 4 step retarder. This is completely wrong! The default gearbox now has a 3 step retarder and the “R” gearbox has a 5 step retarder now.
– The super duper loud retarder sound has been lowered a bit and refined. It’s actually almost not even hearable in real and it sounds so much different!
– Some details in the dashboard got fixed. The heading for the menus got updated.
– Some textures got improved to match the real textures more.
– The torque of the single engines got fixed. Somehow they were completely wrong?!


actros_improvements_by_GB.scs – 85 KB

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