Paccar Mx750 by Blueone


I thought i should share my Daf engine mod to you guys.

I share this because i thought someone might want this, so if you like it, use it and if you dont, then dont use it.
You can edit it as you like and no need to ask me about it, you can also upload it to where ever you want to.(Tho, please give me credit.)
When you use this, you will Not get this engine option on other Daf truck mods.(Like the Daf Xf by 50K.) Right now, i dont know howto make it compatible with it or mods like it.
If you know, then let me know in this thread. Im always happy to learn new things 😛

Description of what the mod does can be viewed on the photo below here.


Daf_Paccar_MX_Upgrade.rar – 55 KB

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