Physics 9 Go-Pro v1.2 – 1.47

The mod changes the physics of the behavior of trucks.

This mod aims to be as accurate as the game allows, no crazy wiggles or exaggerated movements, no unrealistic weight gain, no unnecessary changes. Every change in this mod matters and serves a real purpose. What SCS has already done well remains intact. This mod is based on the use of the G29 steering wheel kit.


Realistic brake – it will no longer suddenly stop your truck (provided the recommended settings are followed), you can now smoothly stop your truck without spilling coffee on the dashboard and this will prevent your truck from getting out of control.

No more crazy shaking cockpit. This mod makes the cockpit more responsive at the front and less at the side. As a result, the cab now sways 2-3 times when you stop the truck, but it will no longer sway to the side when you turn the steering wheel just 10 degrees at low speed. It will swing only when needed.
The cockpit no longer twitches every time you step on the gas, even a little. But it will wobble under strong acceleration.
This mod also includes custom seat movement.
Increased steering gear ratio
Increased steering angle
Increased truck turning radius

Before using the mod, set the settings in the game as in the screenshot below.

For steering wheel users, it is recommended to replace the corresponding lines in the C:\Users\X\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\X\controls.sii file with the following:

config_lines[35]: “constant c_rsteersens 0.50000”
config_lines[36]: “constant c_asteersens 2.50000”


Fixed problem with braking
Slightly reduced seat suspension sensitivity and height to better handle the new rough road surface simulation introduced in patch 1.47

Installation: copy the downloaded file to the mod folder and connect it in the mod manager.

For game version 1.47.x

Author MOMO & YUNA


Download Link: Download mod

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