Truck Tables by Racing for Ets2 1.30.x game version

– This mod contains truck tables for Daf XF 105, Daf XF Euro6, Iveco Hiway,

Man TGX, Renault Magnum, Scania R & Streamline,
Scania S & R, Volvo FH 2012
– Mod also support Scania RJL, MAN by Madster and Volvo FH 2012 by Ohaha.

To work for other modding trucks, just add correct definitions
– Table for Iveco Hiway work only with interior from my mod Iveco Stralis XP & NP by Racing.

Original model don’t have “set_dashbrd” node.
– If you want to change color of leather or carpet material, you can choose texture

from /vehicle/truck/upgrade/interior_set/share/textures
rename it, and use it instead of original file. You can also prepare your own texture.

*Required cabin accessories dlc

Available table configurations in actual mod version:
-Daf XF 105: short and long table
-Daf XF Euro6: short and long table
-Iveco Stralis Hiway: short table
-Man TGX: short and long table
-Renault Magnum: short and long table
-Scania R & Streamline: short, long and high (with drawer) table
-Scania S & R (2016): short table
-Volvo FH 2012: long/high (with drawer) table

In next versions of this mod i will add tables for rest of the trucks,
but i don’t plan to add every variant to every truck.
Mod was tested on Ets2 1.30.x x64 with DirectX

Racing, SCS Software

Truck_Tables_by_Racing.scs – 660.8 MB


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