Hello there and welcome to my skins page!

Since I’ve now been a member of this community for just over a year now, I’ve decided that it’s time to give something back. Just to say thank you to everybody for all the content they’ve created for the game, and for all the nice comments and all the support you’ve given me in my screenshot and help threads. I’m no modder, but I certainly know my way around Photoshop, so skins are just about all I can manage.

I have planned for two skin packs to be released, these are the FreshLinc pack, as well as the Thor Tenden Transport pack. They are nearing completion, but they do need a little more work. The packs will include both truck and trailer skins for you to use in-game. You can see some examples on my flickr, or in my screenshot thread (links in my signature). There will be more information on the packs at a later date. MR ANTHONY’S SKINS & PACKS

However, since I don’t want to just start the thread for the sake of it, I’m offering up my first skin.

Compatible with both the SCS model and Ohaha’s standalone mod.

Please note the following:
– None of the accessories are included, as they were not made by me. They can be found on the forums and/or other ETS2 download sites.
– For the lightbox to work, you will need Ohaha’s mod!

Mr Anthony – 81 KB

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