DAF 105 MX-300 Sound & Engine Pack – 1.49

– Added support for convoy
– Updated for 1.49

Feature list:
– A full engine sound set, professionally recorded from a Euro 5 DAF 105 with microphones positioned in the engine bay, intake and exhaust.
– Complete engine RPM spectrum recorded, producing a very detailed sound.
– Engine brake and retarder sounds.
– A full set of interior sounds such as indicators, wipers, park brake, low air pressure warning, switches, windows and more.
– Other effects include the gearbox sounds, engine metal fatigue ticks, air brakes, axle lift and failed engine start.
– 410, 460, and 510 hp (with badges) engines are available for the default DAF 105, Vad&K DAF 105 and Schumi DAF 105.
– Complete set of custom transmissions created using real data.
– Different transmission sounds depending on if you are using automatic or manual.



Download Link: Download mod

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