Low UI Sounds Mod by xubu v1.0

Hi everybody!
This small mod, replaces some too loud sounds in the UI of the Game.

The replaced files are:
– dunk.ogg (replaced by “click”) -> this is the loud sound from the “Job Completed” menu.
– fav_ferry_01.ogg (replaced by waves)
– fav_train_04.ogg (replaced by lower train sound)
– tutorial.ogg (replaced by “click”)
– yawn.ogg (replaced by tic-toc)
– yawn_women.ogg (replaced by tic-toc)

Tested with Version 1.17.1
PLEASE respect download link! Thanks!

SCS, xubu

z_Low_UI_Sounds_Mod_by_xubu_v1.0.scs – 278 KB

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