Arctic Logs Triple Trailers [1.39]

Works on 1.39.x game version.
Converted from FS19
Cargos updated to all DLC in all companies,
Single, B’double & B’triple versions.
up to 49 tons Logs Load with B’triple
Advanced coupling.
Reflective stripes.

Before using this mod, be sure to disable the use of air hoses and cables on trailers in the game.
mod is not compatible with using cables.
Due to compatibility issues, the trailer was completely excluded from traffic.
until a solution to crashes in england is found.
be careful, not all companies have enough space for a double and triple trailer .
When buying, do not try to change the trailer configuration. buy as is.
the mod logs several minor errors that do not affect the gameplay (cables)

POWE®FULL, selonik, CyrusTheVirus, Austin Willie, Brandon Moffat, Kontrolfrk, and others

Download Link: Download mod


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