Big Stobart Mod v6.0.1

The big stobart mod is a stokes company replacement that includes multiple standalone trailers.
Standalone trailers includes AllPorts Cargo, Elite Dreams, {regular} Green Stobart, white fridge, rugby (group) fridge, Tanker, Walking Floor/biomass, blue Tesco, white Tesco, Tesco Jumbo, STobart Box trailer, Stobart/Tesco Rail, 2 Classic style, Steady Eddie, Maddie trailer, SDC Stobart.
(Some trailer models are based on other’s modders models. full credits can be found in the Additional Credits file.)
As of Version 6.0.1, the BSM also includes Stobart AI truck traffic.
Current AI trucks include Mercedes MP4 (ESL), Scania Topline (ESL), Highline (ESL, WS, Rail, Biomass), Normal (ESL). More are planned for future updates.
Please respect the download link if posted elsewhere.
Compatible versions 1.20.1 and above only.

IJ’s Mods

IJsBigStobartMod.rar – 107.0 MB

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