Cargo Editor (TruckersMP) v1.49

The program was designed with the intention of simplifying the modification of cargo to avoid spending time on save editing.
The mod registration serves only for accessing the mod; it does not affect the publication.
The mod instructions are provided below, along with the program download link.
It’s worth noting that there may be missing cargos, and bugs may occur due to it being in an alpha version. Any cargo or bug reports can be submitted in the comments.

Save the game in Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ensure you already have a trailer in use).
Step 1: Choose the language.
Step 2: Select the profile.
Step 3: Load the save into the program.
Step 4: Choose your cargo.
Step 5: Click on confirm.
Step 6: Load the save within Euro Truck Simulator.

Erik_Martins KingMods

Erik_Martins KingMods

Download Link: Download mod

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