China & Serbia prevent epidemic trailer skin by DogHead v1.0 1.36

China & Serbia prevent epidemic trailer skin v1.0 1.36
【Game Version】:1.36
【Description】First of all, as the support manager of China RK VTC,please allow I represent me and my team to thank all the countries helped China in this epidemic, such as Russia, Pakistan, Belarus, Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Mongolia,and so all.(Sorry, maybe I don’t know all the countries’ name, so I can’t list all of them. So if your country helped China this time, THANK YOU, too! )
The epidemic in China is nearly finish now. And finally, we have enough power to pay back and help other countries now. We all the people in this world are in the Human destiny community. We will stand together, and continue to survive.

Well, this is my first skin mod, it may a little rough. I tried my best. 🙂
This mod gives you trailer paintjob of China and Serbia prevent epidemic transport.
This mod can be used to normal single trailer, B-type double trailer, HCT double trailer. Only a few of them not supported.
Side skirts were not supported. If you choose painted side skirt, game will crashed.
Give the best wishes to Serbia brothers! China stand with Serbia! Let’s finish the epidemic.
Cheer up! China!
Cheer up! Serbia!
Cheer up! World!
Enjoy! 🙂

No re-uploading!

Credit: RK-DogHead
Author: RK-DogHead

【Screenshot】:The two chinese words on the trailer, 携手并肩, 风雨同行, means “hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, walk together, no matter wind or rain.”


Download Link: Download mod


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