DOLL VARIO 1AXLE V1.1 [1.38.X]

Changelog Version 1.1:

– Initial Release for 1.38.x
– Rework/Ownable/Tuning
– Rework defenition files

Features (so far):
– Fully standalone
– Only ownable
– Trailer Cables
– Advanced Coupling
– Extendable via f7
– Paintable
– 2 cargo (more to come)
– Tuning
– 3 different rear bumpers
– 2 wheel disc versions (chrome and paint)
– 9 banners
– 15 mudflaps
– 3 beacons versions in 2 different positions
– Small teaser of what’s to come in next updates

Known issues:
– some UI icons are missing
– had problems with UI shadow of the extended trailer, so UI shadow is missing at the moment

Game by SCS Software
Model/original mod/1.17 update by Roadhunter
Rework/ownable/1.38 update by DubbelDraaiDeur

Download Link: Download mod


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