Ekeri Trailers Revision By Kast (1.50.x)

Ekeri Trailers – new version of the trailer with new improvements and changes added for ETS2 players. Big rework of the Ekeri Trailers mod. Added many new details, improved elaboration. The trailer has changed so much that the author decided to release it as a separate mod. The trailers are designed to be durable and efficient, and they enable customers to transport different types of cargo safely and economically. Some of the popular trailers available from Ekeri include refrigerated trailers, box trailers, curtain trailers, and truck bodies.

Features Ekeri Trailers:
– Improved clutch;
– Trailer lifting axle;
– Animated braces;
– Trailer cables;

– Working brake and reverse lights;

– Detailed 3D model;

– Template + Addons included.


– r19.5 tyres textures adjusted

Configurations Trailers

Semi-trailers with various wheelbase and axle config.
– Standard
– Step-frame
– City
– Double


Download Link: Download mod

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